Mark VeneskyWhile we continue to develop and implement a strategic plan for our town, we will continue with the vision that is moving our town forward. That vision includes these three points:

Fiscal Accountability
The Town began borrowing money to replace lost County sales tax revenue about 5 years ago. This year, the town will pay $648,767 in principal and interest payments on that debt. In my first budget we stopped the Town’s borrowing, balanced the budget, have begun to pay our debt down, and also added $650,000 to the Town’s reserves. This is a major achievement and a positive step forward for Cicero’s future. As we all know, staying out of debt is the best way to manage a budget.

Responsible Growth
We have proactively defined and rezoned our business districts. We have also changed our procedures internally to make it easier to do business in Cicero, which greatly reduces the cost for a business to expand or locate here. This allows the town to better control the tax burden on our home owners. With the changes implemented in 2016, we have increased our business-assessed value by almost 14 million dollars for the 2017 tax roll year.

Commitment to Community
We take pride in our Town. Cicero is a caring community with good schools and safe neighborhoods. We are proud to have been the first to implement a seniors and Veterans outreach program in 2016. As a longtime resident, I am committed to making sure our quality of life is sustained and improved for all residents. If you are looking to buy a home, raise a family or build a business, I say, “Choose Cicero”.