Brewerton Pier Event

Early in life, I learned that being successful in anything requires being involved. Whether school, family, work or politics, the successful person actively participates and interacts with others. I have always found that I benefit from the interactions, building on (and sometimes changing) my own views, and learning from the ideas of others. Serving as Town Councilor for two years and now two more years as Town Supervisor has been far more than just attending the twice-monthly Town Board meetings; that’s the easy part. Doing the job properly has brought me in touch with businesses and residents. As your Town Supervisor, I assure you that I will continue forward with an open and sharing administration. You will always be able to reach me for ideas, complaints, or whatever is a concern. We are a town; we work together. There is no other way.

Here I am emphasizing a point during a speech for the Brewerton Revitalization Project. The importance of our community’s continued growth requires that we continually uphold and push forward beyond what local businesses and residents can achieve alone. Brewerton is a vibrant and energetic part of Cicero. Its location on Oneida Lake makes it especially attractive. My role is to always be there for our community needs.

Vietnam War Commemorative Event


Our veterans have always been a priority for me and that is a reason I proposed and secured approval from our Town Board to be a partner in the Vietnam War Commemoration. This photo was taken at our first celebration.

Meals on Wheels Expansion


Businesses are a vital element of the success of any community and it is always a pleasure to work with our local businesses as they join the Town of Cicero and as they build and grow with us. Here I am participating with Meals on Wheels as they begin their expansion of services to residents, one of many enterprises that have either joined our town or recently expanded.

Bridgeport Pantry Irish Extravaganza!


Here I am at the Bridgeport Food Pantry’s Irish Extravaganza! They gave me the honor in 2016 and 2017 to catch the winning duck in their annual Duck Race (and I got soaked in the process, but it was fun), the primary event for fund-raising for this worthwhile charity, one of several in the Town of Cicero, further proof of the community spirit that is within us all.


How do I put it all into words? Community is everything. It is why we are here. It is what causes us to call Cicero our home. This is what I love doing, being part of it all.