Mark Venesky
Welcome to my website.

Thank you for your trust. As Town Supervisor I will always focus on the town and your concerns. My hope is that you spend a few minutes here to see who I am and what I plan to achieve.

I have been a Cicero resident for many years and a Town Councilor since January, 2014. I know the issues we face, having been fully involved with them while serving as your representative on the Town Board. There is much to do and as your Town Supervisor I will carry forward the achievements of the past two years. We have challenges and we have opportunities. I believe in facing them straight on and moving Cicero forward. This website is to share information about me, about my commitment to community, and about my priorities. I won’t pretend that this website answers all of your questions, so please just write to me. I assure you that you will receive a personal response.

It is with pride and humility that I share here the endorsements I have received.